iOS UkuleleTools

UkuleleTools  is a learning tools for all ukulele players, from beginners to more advanced. It will help you perfectly knowing the neck and the notes, discovering scales and chords.

It has lots of features :

  • right handed or left handed neck,
  • several tunings,
  • several sounds,
  • customizing neck and strings apparence,
  • metronome,
  • BPM detector,
  • circle of fifths and fourths,
  • choose tonality and alterations,

it works on iPhone and iPad

Supported Devices : iPhone 4S or more recent

Supported OS : from iOS 7.0 to iOS 9


Feel free to ask anything you would like to see in the product, via the Comments page on the, especially Chords, Scales, or tunings.

Available on the App Store