iOS Apps Manual

App opens on the Scale view :

You can choose the scale you want to display and the tonality :

Your chooses will be saved for next use.

The tab bar  at the bottom of the screen allows you to then navigate between the views :

Chords :

Metronome :

You can choose the time signature, the BPM, the sounds that will be used and if you want ( or not ) the first beat to have a different sound.

The Beat detector is an easy way to find adjust the metronome if you are listening to a song. Just tap on it and follow the rhythm. The “Use button”will the metronome with the rhythm just detected.

Circle :

This view displays the circle of  fifths and fourths, depending on the tonality you choosed :

This is very useful to learn a bit of Harmony, to compose, and learn chords progression.

Settings :

You will be able to set your preferences from this view :

• neck color :

• Strings and frets style :

• Note’s color :

A tap on the color will enable you to set the color easily, using the RGB model :

The “Default values” Button will reset all the colors’s setting.

At least , you can choose the tuning and the sound :